Sunday, March 11, 2012

Memphis Pumping Stations Subject of New Book

Memphis has long been famous for its superior drinking water, and, as I just learned from a post on Ask Vance, there's now a book celebrating the pumping stations that are part of the city's water system. The book, written by James K. Ingram and self-published through Blurb, is an illustrated history titled Memphis Water Works Pumping Stations: The Story of Memphis, Tennessee's Artesian Water Supply and the MLG&W Water Division in the Era of Steam Machinery. The entire book can be previewed at the publisher's website. The seventy-four-page book is chock-full of images, including a gorgeous color illustration on page 11 of Hernando De Soto, mounted on a white horse and surrounded by Indians, viewing the Mississippi River from the Chickasaw Bluffs; the illustration adorned the cover of a 1903 supplement to the "house-warming edition" of the Memphis Evening Scimitar.

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